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AmazonFACE @EGU 2022

The team members of the AmazonFACE and Amazon Fertilization Experiment contributed a great compilation of (virtual) presentations at this year's EGU conference in Vienna, April 2022. Find out more below!

Luciana Bachega showed how soil microbial communities and their activity responded to elevated CO2 in an open top chamber experiment that was conducted in the Central Amazon. Luciana was opening the second part of the session 'Soil microbial responses to environmental stress and climate change' on Monday afternoon.

We aimed to estimate the effect of eCO2 belowground focusing on soil microbial biomass and enzyme activities on bulk soil and rhizosphere in Central Amazonia, Brazil. In 2019, we set up a CO2 fertilization experiment with eight Open-Top Chambers.

A further highlight was the session 'Amazon forest – a natural laboratory of global significance' hosted by Laynara Lugli and Eliane Alves and featuring super cool talks about experiments done in the Amazon forest. The topics ranged from testing nutrient limitation of both plant and microbial dynamics, up to first results from impacts of elevated CO2 on plant productivity and carbon allocation. Nathielly Martins and Tatiana Reichert presented their results in a session about plant traits, Tatiana could present her results from her paper on Plant phosphorus-use and -acquisition strategies and energy costs in Amazonia published in New Phytologist earlier this year! Finally, Carol Miron talked about seasonal fluctuations, synchronized and asynchronized pattern of below and aboveground comparments in an Amazonian rainforest.

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