Lucia Fuchslueger, PhD



I am an ecologicst focussing on soil biogeochemisty, on the role of microbes in soil organic matter production, stabilization and turnover, how microbes influence soil carbon storage and nutrient availability and how they interact, compete or collaborate with plants belowground - in the rhizosphere.

One of my major interests is to investigate how predicted climatic changes affect microbial activity and physiology by analysing carbon mineralisation and extracellular enzyme activity rates. Currently, I am working on warmed grasslands in Iceland and on a tropical rainforest soil nutrient gradient in South America.

since 2019. Post doc Researcher

Centre of Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science,

University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

2017 - 2019. Post doc Researcher

Centre of Excellence Plants and Ecosystems,

University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium.

2015 - 2017. Post doc Researcher

National Institute of Amazonas Research,

Amazon FACE program, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

2015. PhD in Biology. University of Vienna.


... and some pics

Most amazing tree...
An amblypygy...
Understory plants
Wet season is fungi season
Wet season is fungi season
Wet season is fungi season
All those roots...
Iridescent light phenomenom
Frog sleeping in a litter collector