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Supply of Phosphorus in the Rhizosphere of tropical forests -

Interactions of plants and microorganisms.

​​Within the SUP:RHIZE project I want to investigate plant and microbial interactions in rhizospheres of a tropical rainforest in Central Amazonia growing on highly weathered and phosphorus depleted soils. Using state-of-the art analytical methods and a combination of field, laboratory and modeling experiments, I aim to disentangle mechanisms facilitating phosphorus supply for plants and microbes.

I will conduct the SUP:RHIZE project at the Division of Terrestrial Ecosystem Research (CMESS, University of Vienna, Austria)

in collaboration with Dr. Alberto Quesada and Dr. Laynara Lugli (INPA, Manaus, Brazil), Dr. Anja Rammig (TUM Munich) and Dr. Katrin Fleischer (MPI Jena) from the AmazonFACE project.

The SUP:RHIZE project was selected to be part of the REWIRE COFUND-program reinforcing women in research at the University of Vienna (funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 innovation program.

Look out for project updates in the news section!

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