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Most recent:

We took part at the European Researcher's Night at 'Die Angewandte' - read more here!

The playNICE project was featured in 'Mayr's Magazin' at the ORF - plant root exudates can help to increase nitrogen fertilizer applications - see more here

Also worth to check out:


Repeated droughts can create lasting effects on soil microbial communities. This is why we need long-term runnign experiments. Read the blog post by Alberto Canarini telling the story behind the paper in natureresearch Ecology and Evolution blog!

I got interviewed by the uni:vie online magazine about my REWIRE project: read more here if you are interested in interactions of microbes and soil nutrients in Amazonian rainforests...

My colleagues Eva Spišiaková, Marketa Schmidt Cernohorska and I got interviewed for the International Day of Women in Science in March 2021: 'MSCA are opportunities to learn new techniques & methods' - Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions - European Commission

Read the post about tropical diversity and C storage by Florian Hofhansl at the natureresearch Ecology and Evolution blog!

Check out the video about the Amazon FACE project by TUM and learn why we care about soil phosphorus in tropical forests

Tom Walker's paper on warming effects in grasslands was discussed in an Austrian newspaper

We organised a symposium on bringing together

tropical fertilization experiments @BES/GTö annual meeting in Edinburgh in April 2019:

check out Jim Dalling's post about our sesstion in the Journal of Ecology blog:mJ. Dalling, J. Ross: UTE 2019 at Journal of Ecology blog: Advancing our understanding of biogeochemical controls on forest productivity with nutrient addition experiments

Check out the research done in Iceland on a warming gradient by my colleagues Sara Vicca, Nicki Leblans, Erik Struyf and myself:

Time capsule ForHot, a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of the future

(in dutch only)

Learn more about effects of increased drought frequency on plant and microbial C turnover and watch the video blog of Journal of ecology!!!

Drought-history affects grassland plant and microbial carbon turnover during and after a subsequent drought; Video-presentation in the online blog of the Journal of ecology – July 2016

Uni Vienna wanted to know where I went for a post doc position after finishing my PhD: L. Fuchslueger. Alumni-Grüße aus Aller Welt, Alumni-Magazin der Universität Wien, 03/2015.

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