• Lucia

What a December!

This month was full of action!

Labwork (15N determination in soil microbial biomass and in amino acids) was finished, awesome Christmas parties were partied, I could participate and present my work at #AGU2019, and finally:

two publications were published!

Check out this great synthesis led by Tom Walker from ETH Zürich and the ForHot team (https://forhot.is) on how warming affects different grassland ecosystem compononts (in total 128 different variables) on the short-time compared to long-term published in Nature Ecology & Evolution earlier this month

follow the link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-019-1055-3

here is also a link to an article published in Austrian newspaper 'Der Standard':


The second article was and opinion paper led by Jennifer Soong from LNBL and deals with how different limitation of plants and/or microbial decomposition drive ecosystem processes - check out our opinion paper in Global Change Biology here:



and now well deserved Happy Holidays to all of you!!

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